Brand Identity

LG strives to enhance its customer’s life and lifestyle with intelligent product features, intuitive functionality, and exceptional performance. Choosing LG is a form of self-expression and a promise of satisfaction. Our customers take pride in owning an object of excellence and take comfort in knowing they’ve made a smart, informed purchase, every time.

Brand Platform

The LG brand is comprised of four basic elements: values, promise, benefits, and personality. Click each element for further details.

The Face of the Future: The meaning and inspiration behind LG’s logo design.

The letters “L” and “G” in a circle symbolize the world, future, youth, humanity, and technology. Our philosophy is based on Humanity. Also, it represents LG’s efforts to keep close relationships with our customers around the world.

The symbol consists of two elements: the LG logo in LG Grey and the stylized image of a human face in the unique LG Red color. Red, the main color, represents our friendliness, and also gives a strong impression of LG’s commitment to deliver the best. Therefore, the shape or the color of this symbol must never be changed.


The stylized image of a smiling face is meant to convey company friendliness and approachability. That the portrait is one-eyed conveys LG’s profile as goal-oriented, focused, and confident.


The circle represents the globe, symbolizing the world and all of humanity, as well as youth and the future


The upper-right corner of the LG logo, intentionally left blank, makes the design distinctly asymmetric—a nod to LG’s creativity and adaptability to change.


LG Red, the main color, symbolizes friendliness, and is also meant to convey LG’s commitment to delivering the best. LG Gray represents technology and reliability.