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Energy Systems

From solar energy systems to lighting and efficient A/C controls, LG offers state-of-the-art solutions that make choosing eco-friendly, energy saving products simple. Learn More

Explore our full range of solar energy systems and energy-saving products:

Light Bulbs & Light Sources: Whether you’re hoping to replace your old incandescent bulbs with a more energy-efficient option or you’re looking for slim, flat lights that will seamlessly blend into your walls or ceiling, LG offers a range of light bulbs and light sources to help you realize better energy savings and create an eco-friendlier space.

Solar Energy Systems: With individual solar modules and complete energy systems, LG makes it possible to not only create energy to run your home or business, but get off the grid entirely.

Controls: LG offers sleek, intuitive controls that offer the ultimate in style and performance. Featuring crystal-clear display screens and simple-to-use touch pads, you can choose operate a wide range of air conditioning units or energy systems from a central location.

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