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The New Scarlet Home Theatre System


  • FullHD UP-Scaling
  • Specially tuned by Mr. Mark Levinson
  • Simplink
  • Night Mode


Specially tuned by Mr. Mark Levinson

Mr. Mark Levinson has teamed up with LG to marry his great achievements of presice, highly engineered and unmistakable perfect sound quality with LGs latest Technology.


LG’s SIMPLINK system allows you to control all the connected AV devices with one remote control. By pressing the SIMPLINK remote control key, you can switch on and control all devices connected by HDMI.

Night Mode

Now it is possible to enjoy the surround sound experience without disturbing those who need their rest. LG's Night Mode enhances the volume of the dialogue whilst bringing a soft surround effect.

MP3 Upscaling

Traditionally, Audio CD's that are converted to MP3 format lose a significant amount of audio quality due to conversation process. With LGs MP3 Upscaling, LG is able to restore the quality that has been lost to bring a vastly improved quality to Music.

Full HD 1080p

Ordinary broadcast or DVD discs provides 576x480p pixels, The newest HDTVs can display 1920x1080p. LGs Full HD UP-Scaling Function solves this problem. This function converts SD signal into 1080p signal that provides high resolution images.

USB Plus

USB Plus function enables playing JPEG, MP3, WMA and Divx video through USB 2.0 Memory slot.

LG Sound Gallery

LG Sound Gallery gives you 7 options to select the right sound for the right moment. With a dedicated, Professional digital sound processor. LG's Sound Gallery will bring ensure the you have the ultimate listening experience.

i-Pod direct dock

Connect, control, and play directly from your iPod® using the remote control.

Design, features and specifications subject to change without notice. Screen images simulated and/or dramatized. Some features in videos may not be available on all models. Please refer to the TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS tab for a complete list of features by model.

With four champagne glass-shaped tallboy speakers, LG Sound Gallery, 10.1 Virtual Surround Sound, and an XTS pro digital amplifier, this 1000w home cinema system is sure to bring your home entertainment to life, whether you’re watching movies, sports, TV or gaming.

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