Simple and Cost-Saving Hotel TV Management



  • Pro:Centric V
  • Brighter and Slimmer LED
  • Front LED Clock Ready
  • Multi DVB(T/C)


Pro:Centric V

The simple and cost-saving commercial TV management solution
With Pro:Centric V, common management issues are resolved as multiple TVs and its contents can be remotely managed and updated through a server and web-based editor, while enabling the hotel to provide essential hotel information and messages to their customers. It is the practical solution for hotels with difficulties in using their own servers to establish a system.

Pro:Centric V Server Type

Pro:Centric Information Generator and its easy editor resolves the hotelier’s main concerns about management and maintenance costs. With the combination of Admin Editor software, Pro:Centric Information Generator, and Pro:Centric TV, interactive-alike functionality is provided without the need for a separate set-top box.

Pro:Centric V USB Type

For the cost effective Hotel TV contents management, you can simply utilize LG Pro:Centric USB application that allows you to modify hotel information to fit your service. Without an extra server or set-top-box, value added TV service can be delivered with a single USB drive.


EzManager makes installation quicker and easier with the auto configuration function. During installation, EzManager guides the installer to set up the TV with few simple steps to follow without having to set up the menu manually, saving time and thus saving cost and effort.

Welcome Screen

First impressions are important. Having a warm greeting message with Hotel name and its logo on the TV when they enter the room will let them feel more welcome and cared for. Sometimes little things can make a big difference.

Lock Mode

The Lock Mode blocks external input signals for illegal communication, a useful feature for preventing misuse of TVs in facilities such as prisons, mental hospitals and other applicable public spaces.

One Channel Map

You no longer need to bother managing channel listings for each different signal. The one channel mapping feature allows users to edit and list the channels of their choice from any of the multiple broadcasting signals (DVB-T/C, analog or radio).

Multi IR

You can control a designated TV exclusively with the LG Multi IR remote control unit. In areas where there are multiple TVs installed, such as in large lobbies, hospitals, or nursing homes, each remote can be assigned to each TV with no signal interference from other remotes. Up to nine beds can use this function simultaneously.

Hotel Mode

From channel selection to energy-saving features, you can control the TV settings in all the rooms from the center with Hotel Mode. Prevent misuse by customers, set volume limits, or reset to default settings for any TV. You are in control of it all.

IR Out

Just connect your interactive solution set-top-box to LG interactive ready TV and you're ready to go. With a single remote control, the LG TVs in your hotel solution fall under your control nicely.

Front LED Clock Ready

Simply attach LEC clock accessory on TV for anywhere you need clock for your guest.

External Speaker Out

By adding an additional speaker, guests can listen to the TV sounds from anywhere in the guest room. Even in the bathroom, guests can hear and control the TV sound, expanding their entertainment and convenience.

Remote Jack Pack

The simple way to satisfy guests' desires to use their own portable devices in connection with the TVs
Your guests may wish to work on their own portable devices. The plug and play function of the Remote Jack Pack enables them to view their media on the hospitality TV screen easily and whenever they wish.

Swivel Stand

The Swivel Stand allows guests to watch TV from virtually any angle as it can be rotated 90 degrees in both directions. A nice feature for expanding the range of comfort for your guests.

Anti-theft System

The Anti-Theft System provides foolproof security to prevent the TVs from being stolen, consisting of Kensington Lock, Credenza, Lock Down Plate.

Kensington Lock

LG Hotel TVs are protected by Kensington Lock, a most reliable solution for your valuable property.


LG Hotel TVs come designed with a Credenza Hole, which you can use to lock your TV to the TV stand in the most secure manner possible.

Smart Energy Saving

Reduction energy consumption by approximately 30%.

Multi DVB

Receive all types of signals with Multi-DVB. The Multi-tuner transforms the TV to a true multi-entertainment machine that lets you enjoy programs from terrestrial, terrestrial 2 and cable broadcasts; all in one TV.

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