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A Flexible Smartphone in an Ever Changing World

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The world-renown LG G2 smartphone is at it again.

Pushing the boundaries, smartphone innovation is now at our fingertips.

Introducing the Curved Smartphone, LG G Flex!

This curved smartphone offers plenty of astounding features, as a smartphone.

But, the LG G Flex offers 2 very remarkable physical features.


First, the device actually flexes!

This is not just a curved smartphone but a truly bendable device.


US-based tech blog, Engadget, accurately sums it up by agreeing that ‘LG's G Flex actually flexes.’


It may seem as though a “curved smartphone” has little difference with a “bendable smartphone” but in actuality, there is quite a big difference.




The greatest strength of the LG G Flex is in its durability.

It’s reassuring to know that the screen will not shatter on impact.

Even more, it’s comforting to know that the device will not snap into halves when coming into harsh contact with it in our pockets.


Here is a simple demonstration.


8KG does not pose much of a threat.

The G Flexflattens out just a bit

Uh-oh! Under 32KGof weight,

it seems that theG Flexis completely crushed...

Under 16KG of weight,

the G2 Flex flattens out completely.

Or is it?

All is well! Produced with highly flexible plastic OLED, even 32KG is no big deal for the G Flex!

It is for these reasons that we have peace of mind under such circumstances.

And such comforting innovations are made possible by LG.




Up until now, we have only touched on the physical design of the curved G Flex,

but there is yet another remarkable technology hidden within the product.


We go about our day-to-day routines and often experience the painful reality of a scratch on our phones.

The agony, the pain, the heartache of such an ordeal…

Self Healing

The LG G Flex understands the torment of scratches, which is why the rear cover comes equipped with a Self-Healing technology that automatically smoothens any scratches.


Shelly Palmer from CNN’s Quest Means Business describes this technology as that which compares to the self-healing powers of Wolverine in X-Men.


So, we put it to the test!

Walk around worry-free with your LG G Flex in your pocket full of, well, whatever you want.


But, of course the G Flex is vulnerable to extreme scratches and stabbings;

even Wolverine couldn’t withstand that!


Let’s not overdo ourselves and hurt our devices intentionally!




Always pushing the limits, the G2 introduced an improved user experience with the rear-key.


Now, become acquainted with the Durability and Self Healing of the LG G Flex.