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LG Home Chef Championship(HCC) 2013

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LG Home Chef Championship 2013 - Champions

The LG Home Chef Championship 2013 took place on December 4th in Cape Town, South Africa with a total of 18 teams from 14 different countries competing to be crowned as the best amateur chef.


The champions, Do ThiDieuThuy & GiapDieu, masterminded Baked Quail filled with ClausenaIndicaleaves. The prize, USD 10,000! With Grand Master Home Chef certificate

The crowd cheers as the MC announces the champions, “Do ThiDieuThuy & GiapDieu from Vietnam!”


The smiles on the winners’ faces sum it all up, the hard work and preparation

that went into creating this perfect dish.



LG Master Home Chef 2nd Place Prize was awarded to Muhammad Iskandar Bin Ishak, the creator ofGreen Stuffed Chicken.

LG Home Chef Place Prize was awarded to Linda Beldjerd & FadilaBeaufilz from France, the chefs behind the dish Medallion of Monkfish.

Congratulations to all the winners!


Visit to check out the competition as well as all the recipes

that made it to the Final round.

Shall we have a closer look at the competition?

Do you know about the LG Home Chef Championship?

A Showdown with the LG Lightwave Convection Oven!


Upon viewing the film, we can see that the Home Cooking Competition is on its 6th series,

having started in 2008 as an amateur cooking competition.

Well, it isa global amateur cooking competition that requires using an LG Lightwave Convection Oven

to create unique dishes.


From the digital competition, teams from all over world submitted their special recipes through the competition’s global website, The competition carried on for six weeks, with 14 teams from 11 countries making it to the Final Round.


4 more teams made it to the Final Round during the offline competition tallying up the entire competition with 18 teams from 14 different countries.

Making Their Entrance at Cape Town


Like celebrities in their own right, the finalists arrived at Cape Town, South Africa and entered the venue in style, having their photos taken against the competition event wall.


Behind the smiles of this team from Ukraine is a intense desire to win it all!


All 18 teams participated in a welcoming orientation.


Surely each participant is bidding good fortune to their competitors, right?


After one restless night of sleep, each team was provided a product demonstration of the LG Lightwave Convection Oven, the very oven to be used during the competition.


It must be from the fact that the LG Lightwave Convection Oven is used during the Final Round, that each participant focuses intently on the demonstration.

With the Final Round right around the corner, each team prepares for the competition with fierce determination, performing a thorough ingredient & utensil check before the day comes to a close.

LG Home Chef Championship 2013 - Final Round

The event kicks off with the opening VIP Speech and a donation of USD 100,000

from LG to the World Food Programme(WFP).

The WFP is a humanitarian agency that fights worldwide hunger, being the world’s largest in this front.

Being a partner of the WFP since 2009, LG made a donation to support women’s empowerment activities.


With the opening ceremony coming to a close,

the competition finally gets under way!


Each station is bursting with energy, with each team hustling to create a masterpiece in just 90 minutes. Using the ingredients prepared the night before the competition, each chef is busy working to create the perfect dish.


The LG Lightwave Convection Oven will indeed help each team produce the dish they have been preparing for!

And just like that, 90 minutes are up and the evaluation begins.

The panel of judges included the Chairman of the World Association of Chef's Societies (WACS),

an esteemed chef from the Le Cordon Bleu culinary institute as well as key members of the LG team.

Each and every dish looks so appetizing!

Cook the Dream, Share the Hope (CSR)

All Final Round participants of the LG Home Chef Championship 2013 took part in something special.

The LG Home Chef Championship 2013 supported a local non-profit cooking school in Cape Town, South Africa called Infinity Culinary Training(ICT). LG, along with this year’s finalists, paid a visit to this school and spent a day meeting with the students, sharing stories about their passion for food.

LG Home Chef Championship 2013 surely ended on a high note.

What can we expect from the next competition?


Competing with an LG Lightwave Convection Oven

The great food from the competition was surely made possible from the LG Lightwave convection oven

According to Seong-jin Jo, President and CEO of the LG Electronics Home Appliance Company,

“This annual competition once again demonstrated the kinds of smart, healthy and tasty international dishes that can be created using LG’s Lightwave Oven. With the aid of the patented Chatcoal Lighting Heater™, The contestants served up some incredible meals, which were as healthy as they were delicious.”


To find out more about the LG Lightwave Convection Oven, click the Learn More button below.


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