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The Future of Image Stabilization Is Here

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The Steadicam is a necessity for video production, there’s no doubt about that.

Of these, a groundbreaking camera has been developed, which we bring to you today!

Introducing the Galluscam!

The Galluscam’s revolutionary technology lies within the chicken’s ability to maintain a steady neck, which helps keep its focus to never stray from its point of reference.  

The chicken? Her name is Lizzy.

So who is the one responsible for having initiated the Galluscam?

This guy here.His name is Dave. Dave raised Lizzy.

Dave is a professional cameraman who has taken part in all sorts of film projects.

Dave is already a successful cameraman, but he has always had a very big dilemma.

How can one produce the most awesome film, ever?

Then one day, Dave stumbled upon an inspiring video clip!

It was a clip of a chicken.

From the video, Dave learned that a chicken’s head stays fixed even though its body is moving.

This was Dave’s Aha! moment and he began to improvise.

The Galluscam was born and attached to Lizzy.

Taking on speedboats, concerts, motorcycles, BMX, skydiving, kayaking.

Does the Galluscam stand a chance?


Find out for yourself.

Those who have seen the video clip know

that there exists a smartphone camera with Lizzy’s eyes.

These amazing Galluscam shots you have just seen

are actually footage taken with the LG G2 and its 13 MP OIS Camera.

Through the OIS technology, everyone can use the LG G2 to create stunning films, just like Dave!

13 MP OIS Camera

You don’t need a steady hand to get sharp pictures and smooth videos with G2. Its high resolution, 13 MP camera features breakthrough optical image stabilization (OIS) technology, which stabilizes your focus while you hold the camera so you get less blur in photos and less shaking in videos.