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The secret life of Mr. Smith

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Mr. Smith leads a life throughout the week that is completely different from his life on the weekends.

How does he manage to maintain two separate lives?

Let's dive deeper to unlock this mystery.

Professional developer



Perfect daddy





Everyday Working Professional

Monday is here and it’s time for Mr. Smith to go to work.

Commuting by bus, Mr. Smith stares deeply into his G2. But why is he so absorbed?


Well, Mr. Smith uses this precious time to conduct valuable research. 

He quickly reads the daily headlines and saves industry-related articles to read later at the office. This daily habit helps attribute to his knowledge in his field.


Shall we dive deeper into his savvy practices?

Capture Plus

See the big picture when you’re surfing the web with Capture Plus. Instead of a limited screen capture, Capture Plus lets you take a screen shot of a full web page, with precise border controls. It’s a much better way to save online articles, recipes, receipts or other documents you’d like to read or print later.

Mr. Smith is now at his office. He is quite thorough and detail-oriented.

Mr. Smith is known to work faster and more effectively than anyone else in his office.


How is this possible?


Let’s have a look at Mr. Smith’s four little secrets.


During a call, Mr. Smith jots down quick notes related to the discussion and saves the call notes under the contact’s profile.


Even with hands full, Mr. Smith is able to use voice commands to update this calendar.


Mr. Smith is not taken aback when receiving documents in foreign languages. He simply translates the text with a simple snap of a photo.


QSlide 2.0

Mr. Smith uses his G2 to multi-task and just gets things done!

How is it possible that Mr. Smith uses these various features on a single G2?

It’s because he slides aside from one task to another.

Using the Slide Aside function, see how Mr. Smith gets things done.

Slide Aside

1. Using three fingers, slide a running app to the side, and run another app.

You can slide aside up to three different apps.

2. Slide three fingers to the right to access and choose between the three apps.

We had a play-by-play look into Mr. Smith’s near-perfect work life.

Do you wish to become like Mr. Smith and work smarter with a G2?


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Weekend Father

The weekend has finally arrived!

Mr. Smith, the Weekend Father, reaches for his G2 camera to capture every moment.

He does not wish to miss a single moment with his family.


Let's take a closer look at how Mr. Smith is able to create great memories with ease.

13 MP OIS Camera

Optical Image Stabilization technology keeps imagery stable while a photo or video is taken, ensuring a clearer outcome for scenes captured both day and night.

The G2 allows Mr. Smith to capture his family in their most truest form.

Super Resolution Zoom

Provides more detail and sharper zoom quality, focusing and maintaining clarity with 16 times the normal digital zoom.


Multi Point AF

Enables the camera to detect and capture a particular subject faster and more accurately with 9 AF points—and focuses in on moving objects, faces, or the closest subject.



OIS technology is ideal in lowlight settings since the shutter needs to stay open longer to capture an image—therefore, the shot is sharp and clear even in the dark.



Due to advanced OIS technology, the lens will move in the opposite direction of the motion to counter the shake induced on a phone-producing less blurring in photos and less movement in videos.


And it would be unlike the savvy Mr. Smith that we know to only take photos

during his precious weekend with his family.


So which features does Mr. Smith utilize to record each cherished moment with his children?

Audio Zoom

Mr. Smith knows better than to simply record his child’s school performance. Using Audio Zoom, he is able to focus the the video around his child’s act, placing more emphasis his child’s voice.

Tracking Zoom

When Mr. Smith records his children, he is always interested in taking a closer look at their changing expressions. Using the Tracking Zoom feature, he is able to this with ease.


Dual Recording

Mr. Smith does not wish to miss out on the memories he creates. With the Dual Recording function, he is able be a part of each and every photo & video.


The G2 is not only useful as a camera for the Weekend Father.

Mr. Smith relaxes at home,  controlling other LG products through the QuickRemote.


Normally you would need a multitude of different remotes to control the TV, cable box, surround sound system, and more

but with your G2 doubling as a programmable remote, you have one to control them all!  

We just had a glimpse into a day in a life of Mr. Smith as the Weekend Father.

Don’t you wish to become a smarter parent just like Mr. Smith?


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