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The Story of Ms. Brunette and the G2 That Shrunk Her Bag

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Are you one those people whose shoulders are constantly weighed down by a bag always filled to the brim with your day to day necessities?


Meet Ms. Brunette. She no longer carries an uncomfortable weighty bag wherever she goes. What made it all possible? We’re about to reveal her secret! 


The Story of Ms. Brunette and the G2 That Shrunk Her Bag

Ms. Brunette is an editor for a women’s magazine. She is always on the go, her days filled with meetings and new assignments. 

Constanting jotting down notes on a memo pad or snapping a quick photo with her camera, Ms. Brunette's large shoulder bag was an ever present neccessity whereever she went. 

Her essentials included a laptop, digital camera, spare batteries for her phone and a memo pad.


But one day, Ms. Brunette’s bag appeared noticeably thinner. What could possibly be the reason for this sudden change?

Let’s have a look into a day in the life of Ms. Brunette

The Story of Ms. Brunette and the G2 That Shrunk Her Bag
Say goodbye to that bulky memo pad, along with all those pens littering your bag!

Ms. Brunette is working on a new article for her magazine and decides to introduce a mouthwatering dessert menu from a boutique café. As soon as she enters the place, Ms. Brunette quickly begins absorbing the scene and taking notes.





The Story of Ms. Brunette and the G2 That Shrunk Her Bag

Why would Ms. Brunette choose the G2 over a digital camera?

As Ms. Brunette waits for her dessert, she begins snapping photos of the café. A digital camera would not do the café justice, but using the panorama function of the G2, Ms. Brunette can capture the essence of the café to give her readers a better sense of what it would be like to be actually there. The G2’s OIS Camera (Optical Image Stabilization) keeps images focused for both still shots or video, ensuring crystal clear pictures for scenes captured during either the day or at night.

The Story of Ms. Brunette and the G2 That Shrunk Her Bag

Thanks to the G2’s Multi Point AF(Auto-Focus) and Super Resolution Zoom,

the savory dessert photos come to life and appear vivid enough to eat!

The Story of Ms. Brunette and the G2 That Shrunk Her Bag

▶ Multi Point AF – Enables the camera to detect and capture a particular subject faster and more accurately with 9 AF points—and focuses in on moving objects, faces, or the closest subject.

The Story of Ms. Brunette and the G2 That Shrunk Her Bag

▶ Super Resolution Zoom – Provides more detail and sharper zoom quality, focusing and maintaining clarity with 16 times the normal digital zoom.

The G2 that replaced the laptop!
The G2 that replaced the laptop!

Ms. Brunette sips her latte while reviewing the dessert photos on her G2. With the Full HD IPS Display, she will be able to experience the true beauty of each shot.




  ▶ 5.2" Full HD IPS Display– The Full HD IPS Display reveals colors that are true-to-nature, and without over-saturation or eyestrain, so you can enjoy accurate hues, sharp text, and dazzling images. In addition, the pixels are aligned so densely, images remain crisp and clear even when zoomed in. 

The G2 that replaced the laptop!

Ms. Brunette launches her mobile web browser to do some research for the article she is about to draft. She goes through countless blogs and HD vidoes, with a simple flick of her finger. Such ease is facilitated by the phenomenal performance of the Snapdragon 800 (2.26GHz) Quad-Core Processor!


The Snapdragon 2.3 (2.26) GHz quad-core processor provides a seamless experience for users who like to run multiple apps at once. Quickly browse the web or enjoy smooth rendering graphics. With the lightning-fast speed of 4G LTE, things get done faster. Send emails, browse the web, update social networks, download apps, and stream videos, faster.

Wish to downsize your bag?

Be like Ms. Brunette and reach for your most fashionable bag, worry-free!