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Explore the latest LG mobile phones and devices. Offering performance and style, our innovative mobiles, including smartphones, mobile phones with glasses-free 3D technology, and sleek camera phones, make it easy to stay connected your way. Learn More

Enjoy the easy-to-use functions and visually dynamic, interactive experiences of LG mobiles.

Feast your eyes on the latest smart phones, with sleek, intuitive controls, ultra-sharp screens, powerful cameras, the best of the web and access to incredible apps, our smart phones will change the way you communicate.

Choose a mobile designed for the ultimate handheld multimedia experience, including LG mobiles that let you transfer video, photos and music via Wi-Fi to another device, such as a TV or laptop. Find fast, easy and seamless mobile solutions from LG.

With the latest Android platform, you can stay connected and stay up to date.

With LG 3D mobile devices, you can experience vibrant 3D images, and convert 2D content to 3D content, without the wearing special 3D glasses.

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All Mobile Phones

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