Adding Yet Another Chapter to its Extensive CSR Strategy

  • Updated
  • 06/02/2013


The initiative ,which was implemented over two phases,  brought about the distribution of school bags and winter coats to families living in shelters across the cities of Damascus, Homs , and their surrounding rural areas.

Managing Director of LG Electronics Levant, Mr. Tae Hun Ryu, explained that this endeavor exemplifies LG Electronics’ relentless efforts to serve local communities where its offices are present. Through such activities, the Company strives to strengthen the sense of unity and belonging within community members, and in this particular case the members of the Syrian community. By doing so, LG is further solidifying its belief in the importance of communal solidarity.

Mr. Ryu further added that this initiative will be followed by many more, through which the Company strives to distribute blankets, and covers to Syrian families in need.  Furthermore, the Company will also be furnishing children’s rooms within Syrian shelters as well. 

Throughout the first two stages of the initiative, LG Electronics had benefited over 5000 individuals.  In stage 1 of the initiative, the Company distributed over 1000 schoolbags to students in four schools across Homs and 5 other schools in the rural areas surrounding the City of Damascus. In stage 2 , it also distributed 4000 winter jackets to individuals in Damascus, Homs, and the surrounding areas. 

This initiative is only one of many spearheaded by LG Electronics, as the Company is always committed to making positive tangible change in all local communities it is part of.