LG sponsors 300 Football Fields in Schools Across the Kingdom As Part of the “Malaeb” Initiative for Hikmat Road Safety

  • Updated
  • 18/01/2011

Amman, Jordan -January 2011- As part of its social responsibility towards the community, LG recently announced its sponsorship of 300 football fields as part of the “Malaeb” initiative for Hikmat Road Safety in the kingdom’s various public schools.

LG’s sponsorship to this initiative comes as the first of its kind in Jordan to illustrate concern for the general public, and Jordan’s youth in particular, and the significant role the private sector plays in supporting the local community.

The “Malaeb” initiative in association with the Greater Amman Municipality, the Ministry of Education, and the Traffic Department has revamped to date 300 football fields in public schools for the students and the children of that area to play in after school and during the summer vacation.

LG’s sponsorship of the  300 public schools were located in 39 districts around the Hashemite Kingdom including Amman, Irbid, Jerash, Al Tafeeleh, Aqaba, and others.

Kevin Cha, Managing Director of LG Electronics Levant, said, “LG believes in the importance of facilitating safer environments for the children while spending their free time instead of risking their lives by playing in the street.  LG will always be a part of the community by being part of any plan that benefits the general public.”

Mr. Maher Kadoura, founder of Hikmat Road Safety, was quoted in saying, “Our main goal for this initiative is the safety of our children by keeping them away from being injured by dangerous traffic on the streets, providing a safer place to play, avoiding dangerous habits, and creating healthy competition through sports like football.”