Recognized as the Highest Ranking Amongst AC Academies Around the Globe

  • Updated
  • 14/02/2013

This credit was granted to the Academy In line with international standards of excellence and only after a thorough assessment of its operations and practices was made by field specialists. The Specialists took into account the length of the training courses offered at the Academy, the employment opportunities offered to academy trainees, the trainees’ assessment of the courses offered, and the number of trainees enrolled at the Academy,

Within this assessment, LG’s Amman based AC Academy was able to register highest ranks in terms of days spent training, and percentage of actual work days, thus registering 75% in this area. To this effect it graduated 845 students from Jordan and the region throughout the year 2012 alone.

Commenting on this notable recognition, AE Regional Manager and LG AC Academies Director Mr. Hussam Ebinni said “We are proud to see the Air Conditioning Academy of Amman gain top ranks on a global level. This achievement only reflects the great efforts made by the AC Academy team to make optimal service the forefront of their priorities. This achievement also shows great planning ,i.e. the plans our team made to raise the bar when it comes to commercial and residential Air conditioning trends and technologies. Furthermore, the team’s high level of skills is clearly reflected in this honor, who on this occasion I thank , on behalf of LG, for their dedication to excellence.”

AC Academy students also receive training on the LG Multi VIII Air Conditioning solution, which is proven to be the most effective for high rise buildings on account of its 110m long pipes. It is energy efficient, easy to install and maintain. In extremely cold weather, it offers ongoing heating, thus proving to be ideal for Jordan’s cold climates. With this particular training, students significantly increase employment opportunities upon completion and this is the Academy’s contribution to employment levels in Jordan.


It is worth noting that the Academy adopts a well rounded strategy geared towards enriching residential and corporate sectors with the latest temperature control trends and technologies, and it is these strategies that had enabled it to maintain a strong presence in the Community. The Academy represents one of LG Electronics’ main CSR projects, serving individuals working in the technology, and engineering sectors. It serves university students as well, along with its customer base at large.   Furthermore, the Academy also enjoys fruitful partnerships between the private and public sectors, while also providing theoretical and practical training courses that give students and technicians a boost in their future careers.