The World's First CURVED OLED TV



  • Infinite Contrast
  • Absolute Motion Clarity
  • Perfect Viewing Angle
  • Curved Screen
  • CINEMA 3D Smart TV


Infinite Contrast

The independently lighted pixels do not require a common lamp or medium, and thus are completely independent from each other.This has enabled the pixels to control their own luminance, so true depth and tone can now be produced.

Aboslute Motion Clarity

The response speed of LG OLED TV is over one thousand times faster than LED TV, allowing you to enjoy fast moving scenes with completely blur-free, crystal-clear pictures.

Perfect Viewing Angle

The OLED TV is no longer restrained by the angle at which it is viewed, unlike previous devices that experience contrast loss from the sides, and shows incredibly consistent contrast from anywhere.


The screen has been curved to naturally fit our vision range and is the most optimal form for any display, providing equal distance from all parts of the screen to the eyes. Shaped after the natural form of human sight and vision, the screen is more comfortable and the images more real.

Paper Slim

The simple structure of OLED TV allows for great improvements in shape and form as well. This has allowed the OLED TV to break another barrier of previous television types, and attain a slimness never before possible. The result is the incredibly slim and light LG OLED TV.

Curved Screen

The world's first curved screen by LG heralds a new paradigm of display shape and quality, leading a transition from the flat screen to the curved.

Crystal Stand

The trasparent Crystal Stand signifies a novel achievement in design innovation, creating a delightful illusion of a floating scree, and not getting in the way of immersive viewing experience.


What's best in 2D, is also best in 3D. The combination of the finest picture quality and the most optimal shape of a curved screen brings 3D entertainment to its zenith.

Comforatble 3D Glasses

Enjoy 3D wearing the most comfortable 3D glasses. CINEMA 3D glasses are light, flicker-free, battery-free and economical, allowing for greater viewing comfort.

Flicker-Free 3D

Enjoy a 3D TV that is more comfortable for your eyes, without the distracting flicker

Smart TV

Enjoy your favorite programs, premium content and preferred applications with the simple control of its innovative Magic Remote. Simply point, draw, speak, and share. Now that's smart entertainment.

Smart Home

The simplest and most customizable user interface. LG Smart TV’s all new Smart Home comes with an improved design, offering greater simplicity and more room for customization.

Magic Remote

Universal Control, Pointing, Wheel, Gesture, and Voice - the most convenient and advanced TV remote.

SmartShare tm

Browse and share files from external devices wirelessly on your TV or watch TV on another smart device with SmartShareTM. Enjoy any content without constraint

Design, features and specifications subject to change without notice. Screen images simulated and/or dramatized. Some features in videos may not be available on all models. Please refer to the TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS tab for a complete list of features by model.

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