LG Hygienic Washing Machine

At LG, we're constantly making things better.
That's why we've added a hygienic heater to helpremove tough stains, bacteria & detergent residue.60°CTub Clean+40°C Warm Wash &
Stainless Steel Tub work together for a cleaner healthier wash.Better yer, 6 Motion washing
provides custom clothing care.
With a Smart Choice, It's all possible

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Announcing our Best Invention 19Kg Front Loader

LG's Ultimate Smartwasher combines our 4 leading features into one
machine saving you time and money.

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Discover the latest automatic washing machines from LG. Boasting revolutionary technology, and energy- and water-conserving features, our innovative washers allow you to reduce your impact on the environment, save money and experience a whole new level of clean. Learn More

Whether you need an automatic washing machine that’s big enough for family-sized loads, or one that’s just for you, you’ll find a range of capacities (from 7kg to 15kg) and a selection of popular colours. Available as white, silver, black or red, our top- and front-load washers will seamlessly match any utility room or kitchen.

With Direct Drive™ technology, our automatic washing machines are quiet and energy efficient. The Bio Cycle erases tough stains and the unique Medic Cycle removes all traces of detergent. Best of all, our washers’ stylish designs ensure that they’ll look good doing it.

Intelligent Washing System: Select front-load washers feature the Intelligent Washing System, which uses sensors to detect the load and the selected water temperature to optimise water level and cycle time. It also prevents users from selecting excessive spin speeds and temperatures, which can result in damage to clothes.

Quick 30: Some LG washers offer an express wash cycle for lightly soiled clothes – completing the wash, rinse and spin cycle in just 30 minutes.

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