"Chocolate", le petit péché de LG

  • Updated
  • 08/06/2006

With its ultra smart design, its soft touch and its handsome style, it will seduce all tendencies lovers. “Chocolate” is easier to remember than usual numbers mobile name. Sleek and visually stunning, LG Chocolate phone remains completely black until the touch-pad – a world’s first for mobile phones – is gently brushed. Once activated, the phone’s signature design feature, its glowing red touch-sensitive icons, bring to life a ‘hidden’ full-colour screen that completes the phone’s unique look and feel of minimalism with a modern twist. Chocolate Phone KG800 weights 83g for 15 mm thickness with wide 262.144 colors and 176x220 pixels tactile screen, 1,3 mega pixels camera, video camera, MP3 player with 30 to 40 songs storage capacity, 128MB USB capacity. Chocolate phone is Bluetooth compatible. Battery life is an impressive 200 hours standby with 3 hours 20 minutes talk time. The phone is also environmentally friendly, having gained certification from the European Union regarding its compliance with the Removal of Hazardous Substances legislation that comes into effect across Europe this July. Chocolate phone will be available at Maroc Telecom. For 24 months subscribers, it’ll be at 1 990DH, and for others, around 4 000DH. Korean manufacturer LG expects selling between 1000 and 1500 chocolate phone per year.