LG Electronics; second Marketing forum

  • Updated
  • 16/05/2006

For 2006, LG Electronics has adopted a new group strategy called “Blue Ocean”. According to this strategy, LG wants to establish its leadership on various markets in which the company operates by using innovation in five categories: products, commercial approach, work values, management system and the people valorisation. The strategy objective is to improve and facilitate consumer daily life by offering products and services which guarantee enjoyment and modern life style. The MENA regional Forum took place in Casablanca’s Hyatt Hotel on May 4th and 5th. Forum’s first edition had been held in Dubai, treating of marketing strategies around next June World Football Cup which represents a great international scale event. Korean group, conscious of the influence of such an event on customers purchase decisions (especially on TV, LCD & Plasma) met in order to determine headlights actions that will correspond with this sport event.