LG forecasts on Moroccan market are positive

  • Updated
  • 02/06/2006

“On a global scale”, explains LG White Products Director Jong Hyo Kim while an interview with Assahraa, “Moroccan market is one of the most promising. Indeed, the country geographical positioning, its economic opening and politics towards global companies make Morocco a privileged country for investments”. Mr. Kim also underlined the very positive evolution of LGE Morocco since its starting in 2000: an evolution that concerns each and every product of the brand. According to a recent specialized cabinet study, LG fridge market share reaches 38%, air-conditioners 35% and over 30% for washing- machines. Mr. Kim adds that LG forecasts towards Moroccan market were healthy and been realized: “The proof is that sales have been doubled, thank to our evolving capacity”. That’s to say that the company’s vision towards local market dynamics is objective and tends to more results. “We seek solutions to all difficulties that may draw up against our brand evolution” says Mr. Kim, referring to free exchange agreements between Morocco, Europe and USA. “LG also has its units based in Europe, so that it’s possible to remain competitive on prices level. LG added value is first located in top of the range products and in a wide range choice. There’s only LG which offers a ten year guarantee. Our consumers are very confident in LG products and in our technology. Moroccan consumer makes the difference between products and we are proud of its confidence. We are not only here to sell high-tech products, we are a citizen company that contributes to social and human development, putting in place activities for Moroccan community profit ».