Watch What You Want When You Want

  • Updated
  • 01/09/2006

LG Electronics (LG), a pioneer and leader in digital TV presents the world’s first Time Machine TV with built-in digital video recorder(DVR): 42/50PC1RR, 37/42LC2RR. With its unique and innovative function that is built-in TV, LG changes the way you watch TV.

Following the success of launching the plasma TV with built-in DVR in many European countries, LG plans to launch the big hit Time Machine TV with the time traveling function across the Middle East & Africa starting September, 2006. In the regions that LG’s best Plasma TV with built-in DVR was already launched, its surprisingly original and interesting multifunction is drawing attraction from the very broad type of consumers.

The 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany, the match schedule by group for the final competition is played by 4 teams in a same group at the same time. It is the very important match because it determines which team is qualified for the World Cup, so you can’t miss both of two matches.

Early this morning, while you woke up and were viewing the match, instantly fell into sleep. You were soon startled and right viewed the match, but the first half already finished and TV commercials were seen. The current score is 2:1 at the top, now your team is winning! Who did get the goals and what is the other match going on? A half-time break takes 10 minutes more, you will be nervous to view the commercials and just wait to begin the second half.

At that time, you find the button, “Time Shift” function on your TV remote control. You can search the exact scene you’ve just missed and replay the program. After check out the recording program, you are also back to normal watching, live TV for the second half. In a general case, how many TVs and VCRs will be required to view the missing scene like this? However, it is possible to control all the functions through just one TV with built-in DVR and one remote control.

What is the LG Time Machine TV?
The Time Machine TV is what it's called, 42/50 inch HD-ready plasma & 37/42 inch HD-ready LCD TV for time travel with BUILT-IN a Digital Video Recorder. With this revolutionary function viewers can stop live broadcasting anytime they want. Users have the ability to pause, rewind and replay live TV, skip commercials or other sections of programs, watch shows without missing a scene and watch them indefinitely.

LG raised the pleasure of flat panel TV by creating a new trend. The consumers’ purchasing interest is convergence as the Time Machine TV incorporates an 80GB hard disc drive. The Digital Video Recorder is integrated in the world’s first LG Time Machine TV and comes in an exclusive design.

This Time Machine TV has the capability of storing up to 40 hours of digital standard-definition programming. It also has continuous automatic recording in 1-hour intervals, ensuring a seamless viewing experience.

The function makes viewers swift through time because it is possible to watch a movie for example 5 minutes behind the original broadcast or to enjoy the winning goal scenes of your favorite soccer team over and over again.

With one remote control, the viewers can control all the functions, from normal watching to set a various type of recording. These functions ensure the viewers can watch TV any time they want on their schedule.

The LG Time Machine LCD & Plasma TV with built-in DVR is diversified for reflecting customer needs and optimizing of various functions, to improve user convenience and expand the DVR market worldwide as well as to freely connect with peripheral equipments through digital interface and share contents with other devices, so that the next-generation DVR technology will continue to be widely used by general consumers.

LG Electronics (LG), took the position of the world’s largest maker in plasma panels in the 1st quarter by units, by producing 730,000 panels. Mr. Sang-Han Yoon, President and CEO of LG Electronics Digital Display Company, said: “LG will lead the market for 40-inch or larger flat-panel TVs by maintaining its strong competitiveness on cost and technology. We will keep our spot as the number one plasma panel maker this year and become the largest plasma TV maker in 2007.”