World cup boosts TV sales

  • Updated
  • 09/06/2006

30 to 40% sales increase On TV per urban home, its getting exceptional Price, after sale service, communication… brands are fighting on every plan. LCD, plasma and flat screen are so requested. “Since 6 months, we sale 10 flat screen per week, previously it was only 1 per month” says Hicham Zaouid, Electric Household appliances Shop Director. “With World Football Cup, it’s the best period for TV sales” confirms Ali Lakhdar, LG marketing manager. Today, several Moroccans bought TV to be ensured seeing football matches with a better vision comfort. LG announces a 55% market shares on LCD and Plasma and expects 70% while Philips announces 25%. LG realizes 40% of sales turnover with its Customer Electronics entity, thanks to TV sales. With LG Smile and LG Hope operations too, LG has globally communicate. An AC Nielsen study has revealed that 67.7% persons new LG spontaneously when Sony represent 66.6%.