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Keep your air cool, clean and free from pesky mosquitoes with the stylish Mosquito Away Air Conditioner for better sleep every night.

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LG Inverter Air Conditioner

LG Inverter Air Conditioner

Keep your cool with an inverter air conditioner
that’s stylish, powerful and reduces energy usage.
Make life comfortable for you and your family
with inverter air conditioners from LG.

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Inverter Air Conditioners

Keep your cool with a wall air conditioning unit that is not only stylish – but offers powerful performance with innovative features. Stay comfortable with inverter air conditioners from LG. Learn More

Discover the benefits of LG wall air conditioners. Some features include:

Plasma Filter: The Plasma Air Purifying System developed uniquely for LG inverter single split wall air conditioning not only removes microscopic contaminant and dust, but also removes house mites, pollen, pet fur and odour such as cigarette smell and haze.

Save up to 60% Energy: When the indoor temperature reaches your desired level, LG’s inverter aircon technology can operate the compressor at a low speed and maintain the desired temperature, thus saving power up to 60%/

Anti-allergy Filter: Various allergens such as acarid, dust and pet hair exist in the air. This filter decomposes allergen proteins and provides clean air. Enzymes that are attached to the filter by an organic and inorganic binder break down the allergens’ protein – providing some relief from allergies.

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