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For those fly-by visits to the refrigerator, the
Door-in-Door™ feature allows you to get in
and get out providing easy access to beverages
and snacks. Also, the additional shelf space
gives you yet another way to keep your
refrigerator organized.

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LG Refrigerator

Enjoy easy access to drinks with the
LG Door-in-door™ Refrigerator. The fridge
has 99.99% anti-bacterial capabilities to
keep food fresh longer, and is powered by
a durable Inverter Linear Compressor
with 10-year warranty.

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Energy Saving with LG Door-in-Door™

Energy Saving with LG Door-in-Door™

LG's new Door-in-Door™ design refrigerator adds
convenience to your life. Now organize and get
quick access to your favorite snack and beverages,
without having to open the main door. Enjoy fresh
food items thanks to LG's Smart Inverter Compressor
that also saves energy. Make every day better by
living smarter.

Innovation for a better life.

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Simplicity is<br>sophistication

Simplicity is

LG single door refrigerators are
stylishly compact yet provide all
the state-of-the-art features to
keep your food fresh and crisp.

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Class Leading Efficiency
5 Star Energy Rating

From leading efficiency and ergonomics
features in bottom freezer, you can enjoy
state of art technology LG provides.

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All Refrigerators

From designer fridge freezer models that maximise space, to sleek refrigerator models packed with features, you’ll find something stylish to fit your kitchen space. See all LG refrigerators with the latest technology and head-turning designs. Learn More

Browse all refrigerator models, with a variety of different features, colours and artistic designs:

Side-by-Side Fridge Freezers : This beautiful refrigerator model features Ice beam Door Cooling™, an innovative cooling system by which the cool air is distributed not only from the back vents but also from special side vents. This results in fast and even cooling and maintains constant optimal refrigerator temperature.

Top Mount Fridge Freezers : Not only is it pretty, this fridge freezer model features Green Plasma technology, which helps to preserve your food in the most nutritious and wholesome state by releasing Green Ions to help to remove bad bacteria and odour, creating pure air quality that keeps your food fresh.

Bottom Mount Fridge Freezers : Sleek on the outside, impressive on the inside. Aside from adding a modern look to your kitchen, you’ll find silver LG fridge freezer models with features like the Moist Balance Crisper and Bioshield™ technology, a proprietary anti-microbial agent that prevents mould growth from gasket and seal distortion, thereby prolonging the life of your refrigerator.

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