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6 Motion Washer with Inverter Direct Drive Motor

LG WD-PD8010WM 6 Motion Inverter Direct Drive Washer


  • 10 YEARS WARRANTY ON Inverter Direct Drive MOTOR
  • 6 Motion
  • Durability
  • Intelligent Washing System


By eliminating the belt and pulley in conventional washer motors, LG's Inverter Direct Drive increase the motor's stability and lessens vibrations. LG guarantees 10 years warranty on the Inverter Direct Drive Motor thanks to greater duarability and reliability. LG's new 6 Motion Technology introduces new way to care for clothes just like hand washing. The Direct Drive Motor precisely controls the action of the tub, allowing for up to 6 wash motions including Stepping, Filtration, Rolling, Tumbling, Scrubbing and Swing to take clothes care to the next level. The washer automatically combines these different combinations of wash motions to the selected cycle to ensure the perfect clean. LG's Inverter Direct Drive Core Technology with 6 Motion has also been helping consumers enjoy up to 45 percent energy savings as compared to the conventional washer.

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