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Now That's Refreshing

Now That's Refreshing

Discover LG's 129 Litre Bar Fridge
with ice tray, manual control system,
and Chill Zone.

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Bar Fridges

Why choose a bar fridge from LG? Whether you need a bit of extra storage or you just love to entertain, bar fridges can offer the perfect space-saving and stylish solution. Learn More

No matter which LG bar fridge you choose, you’ll enjoy a cost-efficient way to store extra food or to keep drinks and snacks just an arm’s length away while entertaining. Here are some more benefits of LG bar fridges:

Compact, efficient size: Small enough to fit almost anywhere, LG bar fridges can hold plenty of cans of soda or other drinks, not to mention some extra food, condiments and other snacks. Whether you live in a small apartment or dorm, or just want an extra fridge for entertaining and small gatherings, a bar fridge is a good solution. It’s also lightweight and easy to move – or take with you when traveling.

Great value: A bar fridge costs significantly less than a full-sized refrigerator and offers a cost saving alternative that’s also more eco-friendly, since its small size uses much less energy. They’re also CFC free, which means they use no chlorofluorocarbons, which can damage the ozone layer in the upper atmosphere.

Innovative features: LG bar fridges feature compact designs with rounded-edge doors, horizontal built-in handles, mechanical control systems, flat-back designs that maximise space, built-in freezer compartments that include an ice cube tray, compact freezer door, can holder, chill zone, and more.

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