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Space-saving Monitor

Space-saving Monitor

Discover the LG T1710BP-BN touchscreen

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LCD Monitors

LG LCD monitors will change what you expect from a computer screen. Packed with the latest features in a variety of sleek styles and sizes, you’ll find an LCD computer monitor that lets you enjoy precision viewing without compromise. Learn More

Experience the online world in a whole new light with an LCD monitor from LG. Available features include:

30000:1 Contrast Ratio: The display on our LCD computer monitors reproduces even the fine details in complex images, providing viewers with excellent depth perception and vividness.

Widescreen Format: See the whole picture with an LCD monitor with widescreen display. Wide aspect ratio delivers a better view, fitting more on your screen.

Cinema Mode: Cinema Mode on our LCD monitors creates an ideal environment for viewing video clips and movies by dimming the areas excluded in your mouse drag and helping you focus on what you are watching.

HD and Full HD: Features 1920x1080 pixels resolution, which offers more detailed images and rich, vivid colours.

Auto Bright: LG’s Auto Bright function has Bright Sensor that measures the amount of light in the area surrounding the monitor. The LCD monitor then signals the backlight to create an optimised brightness that reproduces clear images without causing eye strain.

LG Flatron f-Engine™: DAFI technology and Real Colour Management (RCM) displays colours that are vivid and natural, while Adaptive Colour Technology and Contrast Enhancement boost brightness and contrast.

Fast & Accurate Touch: LCD computer monitors with touch screen functionality have highly responsive touch, providing intuitive and precise interaction with fewer errors.

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