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From the world’s thinnest and lightest Android smartphone, to 3D smartphones that offer a revolutionary visual experience with crystal-clear, high-definition viewing – LG smart phones put user-generated and web content front and centre – so you’re always connected. Learn More

LG smartphones are designed with the latest features, such as:

NOVA display technology: The brightest, clearest and most readable among mobile screens. Smartphones with NOVA displays offer better outdoor visibility, clearer readability, more natural colours and a 50% power saving compared to conventional LCDs.

Wi-Fi Direct: Enjoy fast and easy data transfers without any AP (Access Point). Start sending and sharing from your smartphone at speeds 20-times-faster than Bluetooth 2.1.

Innovative Gesture UI: Helps you with quick access to your favourite features via the side mounted ‘G-key’ for gesture-based controls. (e.g. Press the ‘G key’ and shake the smartphone to access the camera).

2MP front-facing camera for video calls directly from your smartphone.

Android 2.2: The Android Marketplace offers access to over 150,000 smartphone apps.

Thrilling dual-core performance: With dual core smartphones from LG, you’ll get one of the most powerful processors available, the NVIDIA Tegra 2, which allows for optimal multi-tasking between applications and unmatched web browsing performance.

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