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Rinse Aid used but still poor drying results (Not drying)

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  • Not Drying
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  • Last Updated 30/03/2017

  Check point

Rinse Aid used but still poor drying results?

This may be caused by too little rinse aid being dispensed. Check the dial for rinse aid. 

1 is the least amount of rinse  aid dispensed, while 6(or 4 dependant on model) is the highest amount of rinse  Aid dispensed.

If the dial is set on 3 (2) or lower, adjust it to a higher setting.

Also Refill with rinse aid when the Lamp turns on like in the below depiction.

Please check rinse lamp on the display whether Rinse Aid is required.

※ The rinse aid will last 20~30 cycles before requiring a refill.

※ Full amount of Rinse Aid: 120ml from empty, may vary slightly on refill dependant on how long the refill light has been on.

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