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[Washing Machine] Improper Installation of Leveling

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  • Last Updated 02/06/2014


Improper Leveling during Installation



How to adjust cabinet level
Supply water by starting a cycle with no load. Allow water to enter until it reaches the lower tub ring on the bottom of the tub and then stop the machine. 
 use the lower tub rind as a guide to determine if the machine is inclined. If it is inclined to one side, level the product using the front height adjustment legs. 
 [Height adjustment legs are located only in the front.]


How to Adjust

1. Adjust the level of the product using the front lower legs.
    If legs are wound out excesively, it may cause vibration.



2. if the rear of the machine needs to be elevated, rubber feet cups can be purchased from an authorised LG parts distributor and fitted to the rear feet.

    The part number for these rubber cups are : timber flooring- 4620ER3001B or Tile flooring: 4620ER3001A.

    Place the appropriate number of rubber height adjustment cups under the rear feet to raise the rear of the machine before leveling the product. 
    (Do not use more than two cups under each rear leg.)




   [Correct use of plates]


   [Wrong use of materials]




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