The World's Most Popular Mobile Phone Platform- Android

Android is the leading smartphone operating system. Developed by Google, it allows flexibility and is constantly evolving to stay at the forefront of mobile phone technology.

Packed with features, Android is designed to help you get the most out of your mobile phone. There are a range of different LG Android phones to choose from, each of which allows you to personalise your smartphone to make it work and look the way you want it to.

Because it’s developed by Google, Android is purpose built to bring the power of Google’s web tools to the palm of your hand. And because it supports Adobe Flash an Android phone lets you experience more of the web.

In addition to this, Android features a massive app store that lets you choose from over 450,000 apps.

Android has gone through a series of changes since it was launched. Each version of Android is suitable for a different range of phones, meaning no matter what your price range or needs, there’s an LG Android phone to suit you. If you’re wondering about the names, each version is named after a dessert!


Donut Android is perfect for basic smartphone users. It supports all the standard smartphone capabilities such as recording and watching video, text prediction, voice searches and Bluetooth. Its powerful Google search engine allows you to search your bookmarks, contacts, history and the web directly from your Android home screen.

Many LG Android phones running Donut can now upgrade to Android Éclair and experience even more functionality.


Éclair Android betters Donut with speed improvements and support for more screen sizes and resolutions. As well as supporting HTML5, it features digital zoom for cameras and has an improved virtual keyboard along with Bluetooth 2.1 capabilities.


FroYo brought significant improvements to the Android operating system in terms of speed, memory and performance.

Android phones running FroYo support USB tethering and Wi-Fi hotspot functionality, allow for increased security features such as lock screen passwords and make use of the expandable memory for application installation on top of all the classic functionality associated with an Android phone.

Many LG Android phones with FroYo are able to upgrade to Android Gingerbread and experience even more functionality. Check the upgrade information further down this page to see if your LG Android phone can.


Gingerbread improved the user interface for Android phones, made social networking even easier and provided Android users with video call support. Gingerbread is also the first Android version to provide Near Field Communication (NFC) support, a revolutionary technology that is set to change the way we pay for purchases and exchange information to and from our phones.


The very latest version of Android has bought with it some remarkable technological improvements. Facial recognition can now be used as a security feature, there’s an improved voice recognition system that allows for better dictation and the web browser now allows for up to 16 tabs to be opened simultaneously.

An LG Android smartphone comes optimised to work with the full range of Google’s web tools. You can use Google maps as an Internet connected GPS navigation system with voice guidance and make the most of Google’s cloud based tools for email, calendars, social networking and more. On top of that, your LG Android phone lets you access Google Voice search for quick, hands free internet searches whilst you’re on the go.