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From 3D enabled touchscreen smartphones that let you record, view and share 3D content without the need for glasses, through to Android and Windows 7 powered smartphones that use cutting edge touchscreen mobile phone technologies to deliver crystal clear images and a range of connectivity options to share your digital life, LG smartphones have it all. Enhance your browsing experience with a touchscreen smartphone that combines processing power and sleek design with innovative viewing technologies.

LG smartphones let you easily share the pictures, videos and music you store on them with your other digital devices including your TV, PCs and Home Theatre Systems. With an LG mobile smartphone you have a portable content streaming device you can take anywhere.


LG SmartShare uses industry standard DLNA technology to connect your mobile phone with other devices over your home Wi-Fi network. This allows your LG smartphone to share content with a wide range of devices.


LG smartphones with Wi-Fi Direct technology make sharing even easier as they can connect DLNA enabled devices directly without the need for a Wi-Fi router.

Your touchscreen smartphone deserves a smart screen. That’s why LG smartphones use advanced display technologies to deliver you a great viewing experience, be it glasses free 3D, HD or bright and crystal clear LCD touchscreens.


Our Auto-stereoscopic 3D screens use a naked-eye 3D display to deliver 3D content to the palm of your hand without the need for glasses. Parallax barrier technology allows LG 3D mobile phones to display individual images to each eye, creating realistic 3D images. The screen generates images simultaneously which allows the viewer to enjoy a 3D effect.

Available on the LG Optimus 3D Mobile Phone


As online content moves increasingly to High Definition, it makes sense to have a mobile phone that’s able to deliver a HD experience. LG smartphones offer High Definition displays with resolutions of 1280x720 to provide you with an immersive viewing experience.


LG's exclusive NOVA displays offer natural true to life colour reproduction. Their exceptionally bright screens are great for viewing indoors or under the harsh Australian sun. NOVA screens combine energy efficiency with effectiveness to deliver a screen that is twice as bright as the average LCD.

Available on the PRADA Phone by LG and the LG Optimus Black Smartphone.

Many of LG's smartphones use dual-core processors to deliver the speed and performance today’s touchscreen mobile phones require. The additional core means your phone can handle multiple operations at the same time, making multi-tasking between mobile applications effortless. The dual-core set up has the added bonus of requiring less power than single core processors for complex operations.


Some LG smartphones take the dual-core technology one step further by combining it with dual channel and dual memory hardware that does for RAM what dual-core does for processing power. The end result for you is a touchscreen smartphone that provides ultra smooth graphics and enhanced performance.


Download this PDF for all the information you need on upgrading your LG smartphone.

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