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Everything is better with a Cinema 3D Smart TV.

Everything is better with a Cinema 3D Smart TV.

Live endless adventure in 3D with the Full LED Cinema 3D Smart TV that will transport you to worlds that you are the protagonist.

3D Smart TVs

Explore the world of LG Plasma TVs. Featuring a wide range of options, like 1080p resolution, 3D, and Pentouch touchscreen technology, our plasma televisions will change the way you watch and interact with your TV. Learn More

Explore some of the features available on select LG Smart TVs with 3D Cinema technology:

Streaming Video: With an LG Cinema 3D TV with Internet access, you can enjoy streaming video from YouTube and a variety of other free and paid subscription services.

2D-to-3D Conversion: Turn your favorite 2D movies, sports, or TV shows into 3D programming with the 2D-to-3D conversion feature on LG 3D Smart TVs.

Social Networking: Send a tweet, update your status, and stay in touch with friends and family around the world. Our 3D Smart TVs let you easily connect to your favorite social networks.

Apps: Just like a smartphone, with a 3D Cinema Smart TV from LG, you can use a variety of apps that let you check the weather, check the scores, or even play games right from your television. Plus, you’ll get access to a customizable dashboard, so you can put your favorite apps front-and-center.

Smart Share: LG Smart TVs easily connect to your wireless network, and even allow you to stream photos and video from computers and other devices on your network.

3D Glasses: Outfit the whole family with LG’s flicker-free 3D TV glasses. Lightweight and inexpensive, some LG passive 3D TVs include enough glasses for the whole family.

TruMotion™: When you choose a 3D Smart TV with TruMotion technology, you can enjoy sports and action movies with less blur and better clarity.

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