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Life is good ...

Life is good ...

Find out how your life can be improved with the help of an ideal companion such as LG products, that give you the best benefits of technology and the perfect design for the home.


will change how you wash your clothes.
It's the world's first washing machine that lets you wash
your whites, colors and delicates at once, but separately.
Now save time by doing two loads at once.

Innovation for a Better Life



Discover innovative appliances and products from LG. Boasting a host of state-of-the-art features and designs that are as sophisticated as they are functional, home appliances have never been so exciting. Learn More

LG offers the following range of appliances:

Refrigerators: No matter what style you want – Combination, Side By Side, Multi-Door Bottom Freezer – our sleek and stylish refrigerators offer a wide range of groundbreaking features.

Washers and Dryers: Find several different styles of washers, each offering the reliability of a Direct Drive motor, and reduced energy costs and water consumption. LG tumble dryers offer a superior selection of drying programs and precise temperature controls.

Microwave Ovens: Get the job done faster with these innovative household appliances. From basic microwaves to Latino Menu and combi microwave ovens, these sleek and compact home appliances make cooking your favorite dishes a snap.

Vacuum Cleaners: Discover LG appliances that offer a new level of clean. Featuring best-in-class technology, like Motorized Dirt-Compression, which ensures dirt is properly collected and compressed, as well HEPA filters, which work to remove household allergens and dust mites from the air, these sleek household appliances will make your home a cleaner, healthier place to live.

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