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Life is beautiful with a LG TV.

Life is beautiful with a LG TV.

It is very easy to fall in love with an LG TV when you are involved with its innovative technologies, sharp colors and quality of their sound.


Discover stunning LED TVs from LG. Featuring exceptional image quality, deep blacks, vibrant colors and rich sound, our LED HD televisions offer an unforgettable cinematic experience at home. Learn More

Explore the latest LG LED TVs and discover stunning features, such as:

Stylish Design: The innovative backlighting on LG LED televisions contributes to their slim profile. Starting at just over one-inch thin, they’re perfect for hanging on a wall or placing atop a media cabinet. And many of our LED TVs offer a single, edge-to-edge seamless layer display.

Smart TV: Some LED TVs offer the LG Smart TV experience – virtually limitless access to thousands of movies, customizable apps, videos and the best of the web all organized in a simple-to-use interface.

Wireless Ready: Many of our LED HD televisions come with an optional wireless feature that frees you from a mess of cords and cables, and lets you hang your LED TV anywhere you want without looking like they sprung a tail.

3D Capable: Experience LED in 3D and take the spectacular picture quality, rich colors and deep blacks of our LED TVs to a whole new dimension.

Wi-Fi® enabled: Tap into your Wi-Fi network using a USB adaptor (sold separately) and enjoy the world of streaming movies and videos on your LG LED TV.

TruMotion Technology: Enjoy sports, video games and movies on LED TVs with TruMotion. With virtually no motion blur, the picture stays sharp no matter how fast the movement.

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