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The LG G4 has a professional rear camera with a lens
f1.8 of 16MP with OIS 2.0 and manual mode to make
every moment you capture a work of art,
includes a front camera of 8MP, processor 1.8GHz
Qualcomm Hexa Core that will improve the battery
life and a 5.5 inch screen QHD
and an ergonomic shape.


See the shape of allure from every angle. Wih the LG Spirit, experience the joy of beauty and performance together.

Maximize your entertainment!

Maximize your entertainment!

Life is to enjoy smiling and with the new LG Optimus you will immortalize each of your memories with style.

Cell Phones

You inspire us to design phones that adapt to your style and way of life. Each one is developed with elegant finishes and advanced technology, for quick connection with everything you like. Because more than smartphones, create masterpieces that put the world in the palm of your hand. Learn More

Discover phones designed to suit your life. Explore the latest LG cell phones, including:

Flip Phones: Simply flip open to answer a call or write a text. Flip closed to hang up and to prevent unintended cell phone calls.

Slide Phones: These LG phones give you options. Slide your phone open to reveal a QWERTY® keyboard or access features with the touchscreen.

Touchscreen Phones: With the touch of a finger, you can activate the numbers and features on your cell phone, or quickly and easily scroll through menus, lists and pictures.

Smartphones: These innovative cell phones are part personal assistant, part entertainer and part family organizer. Smartphones keep users connected all the time, anywhere service is available with a variety of features such as Wi-Fi, GPS, text, email, cameras, camcorders and more.

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