The best combination!

The best combination!

Recipes crispy on the outside and juicy on
the inside, in the microwave lightwave LG.

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Combi Microwaves

Bake and roast dishes in half the time. With an LG combi microwave, you can create delicious meals quickly – and spend more time with friends and family. Learn More

Discover some of the popular features that make our combi microwave ovens and microwave grills popular additions to stylish kitchens:

Advanced Convection System: LG combi microwave ovens use a special heat distribution system that allows them to bake and roast in half the time, when compared to conventional ovens.

Convenient Cooking Menus: With special menus, like Latino meal settings, our combi microwaves make it possible to cook your favorite dishes in the touch of a button.

Steam Chef Cook: When you choose a combi microwave with Steam Chef technology, you can easily steam foods inside your oven and lock in nutrients.

Oven Interior: With an anti-bacterial interior coating, our combi ovens and microwave grills offer a safe and healthy cooking experience.

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