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Mini in size, maximum in fun.

Mini in size, maximum in fun.

Easy to carry, small, not take up space but have great capacity to save all your photos, videos and other files.

Hard Drives

Discover an ultra-efficient external hard drive that delivers power and reliability in a sleek and sophisticated package. Explore the latest options in external hard disk drives and get more from your computer than you ever thought possible. Learn More

Save data quickly, watch and record movies, and more. With an LG external hard drive, it’s all within reach. Explore just a few of the features that make our external hard disk drives perennial favorites:

Serial ATA Interface: Available on select external hard drives, this innovative interface connects optical Blu-ray drives to the PC motherboard, allowing for enhancements to the computing platform.

HDTV Recorder: Some external hard drives from LG allow you to record HDTV programs on Blu-ray/DVD media with original 1920 x 1080 HD picture quality.

Store More Data: Select external hard disk drives allow you to record up to 50GB of video, pictures or data to a single Blu-ray disc.

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