Life is good with music.

Life is good with music.

LG makes the party, with its great sound quality and unique features that make it the perfect companion.

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Home Audio

Experience high audio-fidelity and immersive sound with a Micro Hi-Fi system from LG. Boasting rich audio and plenty of extra features, you’ll find a Micro Hi-Fi designed to take your music experience to the next level. Learn More

With a home audio player from LG, you’ll rock the house in the touch of a button. Just a few of the features available on our Hi-Fi systems include:

Advanced 3-Way Parabola Speakers: Select LG audio equipment features concave, 3-way parabola speakers, which focus sound and creates a concert-like effect.

X-Metal Bass: Available on select systems, X-Metal Bass technology allows music to be directly transmitted without distorting the natural bass sound.

USB Direct Recording: Enables our home audio players to record from CD to USB memory or MP3 device in MP3 format to share new music from device to device.

Latino Equalizer: This feature, available on select LG audio equipment, automatically recognizes the frequency of your music and self equalizes it to maximize the sound fidelity.

Auto DJ: By automatically omitting the intervals between songs, the Auto DJ feature allows you to enjoy uninterrupted play.

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