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Making Moments, Sharing Music

Make every moment one to remember with music that flows and follows you everywhere you go.

LG Home Audio

From powerful Hi-Fi systems to discreet wireless
docking stations, you’ll find the perfect LG home
audio product to take your music experience to the
next level.

It's all possible.

Life is good with music.

Life is good with music.

LG makes the party, with its great sound quality and unique features that make it the perfect companion.

Home Audio

Experience high audio-fidelity and immersive sound with a Micro Hi-Fi system from LG. Boasting rich audio and plenty of extra features, you’ll find a Micro Hi-Fi designed to take your music experience to the next level. Learn More

With a home audio player from LG, you’ll rock the house in the touch of a button. Just a few of the features available on our Hi-Fi systems include:

Advanced 3-Way Parabola Speakers: Select LG audio equipment features concave, 3-way parabola speakers, which focus sound and creates a concert-like effect.

X-Metal Bass: Available on select systems, X-Metal Bass technology allows music to be directly transmitted without distorting the natural bass sound.

USB Direct Recording: Enables our home audio players to record from CD to USB memory or MP3 device in MP3 format to share new music from device to device.

Latino Equalizer: This feature, available on select LG audio equipment, automatically recognizes the frequency of your music and self equalizes it to maximize the sound fidelity.

Auto DJ: By automatically omitting the intervals between songs, the Auto DJ feature allows you to enjoy uninterrupted play.

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