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Go beyond the imagination and technology.

Go beyond the imagination and technology.

Get ready to discover a new world of technology with the most innovative creations of LG.

IT Products

LG offers a wide range of industry leading computing products and accessories to help you stay connected and productive at the office or around the home. Learn More

Discover LG computer hardware and accessories:

Computer Monitors: These innovative LG IT products boast advanced technology to meet your ever-changing needs. From 3D monitors to those with LED and IPS technology, our monitors boast sharp displays, true-to-life colors and intuitive interfaces that will bring your favorite movies, games – and even your charts and graphs – to stunning reality.

Projectors: For your living room or for your office, these innovative IT products can make your presentations shine and even bring 3D content to life.

Optical Storage Devices: These LG computing products are designed to read and write all types of data, including documents, movies, and music – making it easy to back up the files you rely on most.

External Hard Drives: Back-up your files and stay connected with an external hard drive from LG. With a variety of sleek, slim, ultra-portable options, these innovative IT products are easy to use and compatible with most operating systems, which make them must-have devices for work and play.

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