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Making Moments, Sharing Music

Make every moment one to remember with music that flows and follows you everywhere you go.

The music falls well at all times*

The music falls well at all times*

The rhythm of your life is up to you with LG mini components.

Mini Hi-Fi

Create the ultimate entertainment experience at home. Using the most advanced digital sound and video technology available, LG delivers home theatre systems that put you in the center of the action. Learn More

With mini Hi-Fi systems from LG, you’ll find features like:

USB Direct Recording: Enables our Mini Hi-Fi systems to record from CD to USB memory or MP3 player in MP3 format, as well as convert audio files from CD Audio to .MP3 format in one simple process

Touch Sensor Navigation: LG Mini Hi-Fi players will please your eyes as well as your ears with the mood setting dim blue touch sensor navigation.

One-touch Simplicity: With the touch of a button, audio CDs can be converted to MP3s and stored on to your USB device.

USB Plus: Available on select LG Mini Hi-Fi systems, this feature allows you to play MP3, WMA, JPEG and DivX video files directly from a USB drive.

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