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Immerse Yourself

Experience immersive viewing from every
angle with LG 21:9 UltraWide monitors.

LG 21:9 Ultra Wide IPS Monitor

LG 21:9 Ultra Wide IPS Monitor

Ultra Wide 21:9. More wide than never, experience what before was impossible in a monitor. Everything you had wish for your monitor.


Expand your point of view with LG monitors that adapt to the needs of business users, gamers, designers and multimedia enthusiasts alike. Featuring slim designs, striking color and life-like motion, our LED and LCD screens are a feast for the eyes. Learn More

LG monitors merge cutting-edge display technology with a slim design that offers you unmatched contrast, color and processing. Choose from an array of options, including:

LED Monitors: Prepare to be dazzled. LG’s LED screens provide greater control of brightness and deliver better contrast, clarity and color detail, as well as greater energy efficiency.

LCD Monitors: Get true-to-life picture quality and great energy-saving technology, as well as stunning designs and advanced features.

LCD LED Monitors: Combining the dazzling display of an LCD screen and the energy efficiency of an LED monitor, our LCD LED monitors allow you to get the best of both worlds in one magnificent screen.

IPS Monitors: Discover a richer, brighter, more detailed online experience. With an in-place switching (IPS) monitor, you can experience stunning images from any angle.

Next Generation 3D: Even after you see these monitors, you still may not believe your eyes. Experience a new dimension in 3D entertainment. Watch as your favorite 2D content is converted to 3D right before your eyes.

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