LG Electronics launches compact audio system to market with 160W power

  • Updated
  • 10/05/2008

LG Electronics, always thinking in satisfying more demanding tastes, launches to market the sophisticated sound system, FA163, made for those consumers that seek for an harmonious and state-of-the-art touch in their homes and offices.

The new FA163 was designes for its powerful can fill wide spaces without losing sound quality at the same time it is compact and attractive that fits perfect in any room.

TO calibrate its audio quality, Mark Leviston, sound specialist and guru was hired, giving in return thet small speakers of three inches size send a High quality sound making consumer to enjoy a unique experience while listenign music, watch TV or movie.

The soft luminosoty of its function panel rembles the reflex of an eclipse shining over its black case. On top of that, the control that eliminates buttons and knobs, gives an elegant and sophisticated touch to this system; is easy to connect and very flexible, with iPod docking and charger, USB, portable music recorder, CD, AM/FM radio.

With this system both you and your family will enjoy of a unique experience at home.

LG Electronics Inc (KSE:06657.KS) is one global and innovative company, counts with more than 82,000 employees in 110 operational centers includiong 81 subsidiaries around the world. Composed of four business units, Mobile Coomunications, Digital Appliances, Digital Dislpay and Digital Media with global sales over $44,000 million. LG Electronics is the largest CDMA cellphones producer, air conditioners, optical storage products, DVD players and home theater systems. For more information visit www.lg.com