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More freshness and more energy saving!

More freshness and
more energy saving!

Refrigerators with elegant designs equipped with the most innovative technology that will turn your kitchen into a spectacle.

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From the traditional to the contemporary, LG offers a range of refrigerators with innovative features you’ll love. Explore all refrigerators and freezers from LG – and give your kitchen added style and functionality. Learn More

Learn more about all refrigerators and freezers available from LG:

Side-by-Side: All freezer refrigerators in this con configuration include two vertical doors – one for your frozen foods and one for your refrigerated foods – allowing you to see all of your produce, snacks, dishes and ingredients quickly and easily.

Bottom Freezer: These large-capacity refrigerators have the refrigerator door at eye level and feature a freezer door below, so the things you use most are always within reach.

Top Freezer: With the freezer on top, these traditional refrigerator freezers offer a classic look and modern features – like Moist Balance crisper drawers and BioShield gaskets that help prevent mold growth.

French-Door Refrigerators: All refrigerators in this category feature two side-by-side refrigerator doors and one or more freezer drawers below, offering a convenient solution for busy families.

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