Goodbye to stains ...

Goodbye to stains ...

LG washers are your best helper when it comes to removing tough stains while leaving each of the clothes as new.

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Semi Automatic Washing Machines

Get the best care for your clothes with an LG semi-automatic washing machine. Featuring a durable plastic body that’s shock and rust proof, and Roller Jet pulsation for a better quality wash, our semi-automatic washing machines help make life good. Learn More

LG semi-automatic washing machines boast an array of innovative features that make it easy to care for your clothes, including:

3+1 Wash Program: Our semiautomatic washing machines feature a range of wash programs that allow you to customize each cycle to meet your needs. Along with Gentle/ Normal /Strong it also has a unique Soak feature for better wash quality.

Lint Collector: The lint filter collects the fibers that come out during the wash – preventing them from getting stuck in the pipe, which can hinder washing performance.

Air Dry: When the drum rotates, the air-dry system sucks in air, throwing a blast of air on the laundry inside – drying clothes faster and leaving them odor and bacteria free.

Collar Scrubber: The unique collar scrubber on LG semi-automatic washing machines scrubs cuffs and collars, saving you time and effort.

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