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Introducing the world’s first curved, flexible
smartphone.* The G Flex offers cinematic viewing,
ergonomic design, and an innovative battery.

Ready to surprise with style.

Ready to surprise with style.

If you like to look stylish wherever you go, the sensational LG Optimus L series smartphone, are the perfect companion.


Part personal assistant, part entertainer, and part family planner, LG smartphones are designed to keep all aspects of your life organized in the palm of your hand. Oh, and smartphones, they make phone calls, and send texts and emails, too. Learn More

Explore the power of LG smartphones and discover just a few of the innovative features found on select models:

Android™ Smartphones: From the Android™ 2.2 Platform to the Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) with hotspot capability, LG Android smartphones provide easy integration with Google™ apps and widgets, and/or allow you to browse thousands of apps on Android Market™.

Bluetooth® Connectivity: When you choose a smartphone with Bluetooth® connectivity, you can talk hands free virtually anywhere.

Camera and Camcorder: Smartphones make taking and organizing photos and videos a breeze with autofocus options, rear-and-front facing cameras, and 3D viewing and recording.

Music Players: Listen through the speaker or with headphones to enjoy your favorite music right from your smartphone.

QWERTY Keyboard: Available with standard or larger keys, with or without Swype®, QWERTY keyboards on smartphones allow you to send text messages, instant message and compose emails quickly and easily.

Touchscreen Technology: With the touch of a finger you can make calls, check email, surf the web and more.

Wi-Fi®: With an LG smartphone boasting Wi-Fi connectivity, you can access the Internet access at broadband speeds directly from your phone.

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