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Warranty Information

Warranty Terms


LG Electronics guarantees free repair service to its products within the warranty period through its Authorized Service Centers.


Warranty Conditions


  1. LG Electronics Service Department guarantees against any manufacturing defect for a period of warranty coverage.
  2. Warranty Service only applies ​​in Authorized Service Centers.
  3. Warranty Service only applies if the customer provides purchase invoice.
  4. The product must be acquired as new product but not as auction, resale, liquidation, etc
  5. Installation of all products that require it has to be done by qualified personnel and approved by LG.
  6. The product, when sold, shall have no more than 18 months of warehousing. Because LG only offers 18 months warranty to store unsold products (stock). The store will assume the warranty of warehousing timeout. (Over 18 months). In case of excess product storage, (6 months or more) LG doesn’t accept changes of DOA units (defective in box). Warehousing products should have its box and accessories must be new.
  7. Home delivery will occur in cities where there are Authorized Service Centers, and paved roads that allow access to the site where the product is.
  8. Special Warranty or Extended Warranties for certain parts of products (compressor, motor DD, Module LCD / PDP CD tray and control panel) does not include labor, only parts. The CD assembly includes the optical lens.
  9. Customer must present proof of purchase to validate warranty. (Purchase invoice).  The data that appears on the invoice must match the customer and product data that is reported in the system.


Not covered under Warranty


  1. Damage caused by negligence, misuse, accident, transportation, abuse, mismanagement, incompetence, failure to follow instructions in the manual or instructions for use of the product, lack of knowledge will not be covered under warranty.
  2. Damage caused by major events and / or act of God, natural forces such as thunderstorms, lightning, thunder, rain, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, fire, humidity, contact with liquids, food and corrosion of the metal part.
  3. Damage caused by external agents such as insects, pests, invasion of foreign bodies or objects, coins, sand and similar.
  4. Damage caused by improper installation of equipment. All LG air conditioner have particular specifications that must be respected by the staff in charge of the installation. LG provides continuous education and updated information to Service Centers on this issue. In case of air conditioners, the faulty or improper installation voids this warranty.
  5. Damage resulting from improper maintenance or lack of maintenance in Air Conditioner. Regular maintenance of equipment should be done at least every 3 months.
  6. Damage caused by commercial, business or industrial purpose, except the air conditioning commercial systems and B2B products. The warranty is valid for equipment dedicated to domestic use only. Commercial or industrial use means products are subjected to harsh and repetitive work involving abuse whose components are forced to operational limits.
  7. Damage repairs or manipulated, partial changes or updates to software or firmware by anyone other LGE Authorized Service Centers.
  8. Damage to equipment subject to adverse weather conditions installed outdoors, weather or conditions of excessive salinity or dust for an electronic item or appliance.
  9. Damage caused by voltage, current, or inadequate electrical connections or fluctuations in the electrical grid and wiring.
  10. Physical damage that prevents to recognize or impossible to read the model or serial number or if product label has been altered.
  11. Damage or deterioration of the external surfaces of the equipment due to normal course of time or normal wear and tear including scratches, stains, bruises, loss of color or spots due to sun exposure or use, lifting plastics. Cosmetic damage.
  12. Damage to external surfaces, furniture, plastic parts, control remotes, batteries, tapes, heads, filters, hoses, cables, antennas, switches, speakers, light bulbs, adapters, projector lamps, belt washers, microwave plates and other accessories.(No replaces of missing accessories after delivery of the product to the store).
  13. Goods(products) that are not distributed within the region of LG. (for example: products purchase in USA, Ebay, or Amazon)

Warranty Period

A/C ***  Window / Portatil  1 ( 3 in compressor) **
 Split / Art Cool  3 ( 5 in compressor) **
 CAC  1 ( 3 in compressor) **
REF  Ref 6 & 7  1
 Top Mount  1 ( 10 in compressor) **
 SXS & Linear Compressor  3 ( 10 in compressor) **
WM  Semi Auto  1
 AUTO  1(3 in control panel ) **
 AUTO  DD  1(3 in control panel y 10 in motor DD) **
 TROMM, Front loader  3 (10 in motor DD ) **
 Dish Washer  1(3 in control panel y 10 in motor DD) **
 Dryer  1(3 in control panel ) **
MWO  Conventional MWO  1
 Solar Dom  1 (10 in carbon filament) **
ES  Electric & Gas Stove  1
VAC  Conventional VAC  1
 Compressor  1 (10 in motor) **
TV  CTV & Flat TV  1
 LCD TV  1
 LCD TV 32"& up  2
 Projector  1
 Laser TV hecto  2
AUDIO  Micro  1
 Mini  1 (2 in CD module) **
 Home Theater  1 (2 in CD module) **
 MP-3  1
 Car Audio  1
VIDEO  DVD, DVD R & Blu Ray  1

** Additional warranty (compressors, DD motors, CD modules) covers only the spare part. Diagnosis, labor, transportation and other materials are not included in the additional warranty.


*** A/C Warranty Period

The warranty period is valid only if the products are installed by an LG Authorized Installer Center.




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