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The action takes more life in your living room.

The action takes more life in your living room.

Travel to worlds where you're part of the action, with the LG home theater systems.

Tall Speakers

Get more from your favorite movies and music. With an LG home theater system featuring parabola speakers, plus the latest DVD or Blu-ray players, you can enjoy an unforgettable cinematic experience at home. Learn More

When you choose speaker type parabola, you’ll get a home theater system that’s sleek, stunning and offers true-to-life sound. Boasting a unique cone shape, our parabola speakers focus sound, creating an immersive, concert-like effect. Just a few features that make home theaters with these stunning tall speakers such popular options include:

Innovative Blu-ray Players: When you choose a home theater system featuring an LG Blu-ray player, you can enjoy content in a wide range of formats, including Blu-ray, DVD, CD, DivX HD, and more.

Sophisticated Design: All of our parabola amplifiers and other tall speakers feature crisp, clean lines and simple designs for a stunning look that’s truly artistic.

Wi-Fi and DLNA: Share files without restrictions. Using Wi-Fi Direct and DLNA, you can share movies, photos and other files from your computer or smartphone directly on your television.

LG Sound Gallery: Select theater systems with tall parabola speakers feature the LG Sound Gallery, which uses an integrated digital sound processor to optimize movies and music for a better overall experience.

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