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Durable and Economical! The perfect combination.

Durable and Economical!
The perfect combination.

With Inverter Direct Drive Motor and a 10-year warranty, LG Electronics presents his top-loading washing machine LG Spirit DDD, which gives us better performance, economy and durability.

Top Load Washing Machines

Highly-efficient, LG’s top-loading washing machines boast clean lines, stylish designs and large usable load capacities that let you tackle more laundry in fewer loads. Learn More

Learn more about our stylish top-loading washing machines that fit perfectly by your dryer’s side.

WaveForce™ Technology: Amazing rapid drum movement and powerful water jets provide a revolutionary washing and rinsing experience in all of our top-load washers.

Direct Drive Motor: With fewer moving parts that operate more efficiently, there’s less that can go wrong, which we confidently back these innovative motors with a 10-year warranty.

ColdWash™ Technology: When you choose a top-load washer with ColdWash technology, you can use cold water to wash your clothes, and get enhanced washing motions that penetrate deep into fibers – offering you a whole new level of clean.

TrueBalance™ Anti-vibration System: Reduces noise and vibration for smooth performance – in any room or floor of the house.

EasyDispense™: Top-load washers featuring EasyDispense™ allow you to add the detergent, bleach and fabric softener all at once, but will release them at just the right time in the cycle.

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