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will change how you wash your clothes.
It's the world's first washing machine that lets you wash
your whites, colors and delicates at once, but separately.
Now save time by doing two loads at once.

Innovation for a Better Life

So quick and easy you will not notice it!

So quick and easy you will not
notice it!

With LG washers and dryers your clothing reborn again to go through the 6 movements caring each of its fibers and then drying it does not damage their tissues.


All Washing Machines & Dryers

With side-by-side washers and dryers, stackable options and all-in-one machines, we can help you keep your clothes and your home looking their best. Explore all washing machines and tumblers to find the right solution for the way you live. Learn More

Discover a few of the features that make all our washers and tumblers innovative additions to homes everywhere:

Washers: With top-loading and front-loading washers featuring powerful Direct Drive Motors and revolutionary 6Motion technology, these innovative you can clean your clothes beautifully now – and for years to come. Best of all, washers from LG come in a range of colors – making it easy to find the right one to suit your space.

Dryers/Tumblers: Designed to provide our washers with a powerful partner, these innovative appliances are available in a host of colors, sizes and styles. And with exciting features, like Sanitary Steam cycles, EasyIron and ReduceStatic settings, our dryers can help you save time, too. Explore all tumblers and find the perfect complement to your LG washer.

Washer-Dryer Combos: With all-in-one washer dryers from LG, you can save space and clean your clothes efficiently. Boasting quiet systems, Direct Drive Motors and ventless drying options, our washer-dryer combos are the perfect solution for homes with limited space.

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