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HR System

This is our HR values. We believe the source of all values is found in an individual's creativity and autonomy. From this value we derived four sub-values with an emphasis on competency, performance based rewards, equal opportunities, and a long-term perspective.

These total five values are the basis of LG's main HR System organization, recruitment, development, appraisal, and compensation. The end result of this is the establishment of Human Resource systems that directly realize our management philosophy and business strategy.

We hold the following to be our guidelines for managing human resources.

Creativity & Autonomy

An individual’s creativity is the source of creating value. We respect diversity and autonomy so that each can exercise his/her own creativity to the full extent.

Emphasis on Competence

We have adopted competence as the most important criterion for making personnel decisions.

Performance Based Rewards

Rewards based on performance are essential for human motivation. Performance results will be fairly evaluated and rewarded accordingly.

Equal Opportunity

Equal opportunity builds trust between people. We ensure everyone an equal opportunity regardless of gender, race, age, religion or nationality.

Long-term Perspective

Maintaining a long-term perspective is the foundation of our human resource policies. Human resource programs should be designed with a long-term perspective and implemented with dedication and persistence.