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LG Ceiling Concealed

Hidden in the ceiling, this product is suitable for applications that require floor level or individual level air conditioning for buildings where there are many rooms or halls, such as restaurants, concert halls and hotels. Installation is not hindered by the location of lighting fixtures or room structure, and interior renovation is made easy with the installation of various ventilation diffusers.

Ceiling Concealed Duct

When you choose an LG ceiling concealed air conditioning system, you’ll enjoy a wide range of innovative features, such as:

Inverter Technology: By using inverter technology, our compressors are able to vary their speed and help maintain a consistent temperature.

GoldFin: By applying this anti-corrosive treatment on the surface of our outdoor heat exchangers we are able to protect our ceiling concealed duct air conditioning systems from pollution and corrosive conditions.

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Ceiling concealed duct air conditioning systems from LG allow you to create a space that’s cool, comfortable and stylish. Designed for quiet operations, and with anti-corrosive properties and a wide operational range of temperatures, LG ceiling concealed air conditioning systems provide state-of-the-art cooling and performance you can count on. Explore our full range of commercial air conditioning solutions, as well as the latest innovations from LG – and discover the technology you need to help make life good.

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